Dentistry is defined as a field of medicine that relate to the treatment and health of the mouth and teeth. Dentists can either be general specialists or practitioners. Dentists can hold or specialize in 9 positions in the health industry profession which can raise their annual earnings; they are endodontics, maxillofacial pathology, dental public health, oral and maxillofacial radiology, orthodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, periodontics, pediatric dentistry and prosthodontics.

Dentists make good money according to their flexible program. Statistics report show that the mean annual wage of a dentist is 156,850 USD which is a sum of 75.4 USD per hour. Dentist salaries differ mainly because of the location, job experience and also their work setting.

Dentists having private facilities have a different annual wage. Statistical report shows that private dental practitioners have an average of 198,000USD and above. The reason behind the high wage is because they make money from the services they offer, thus the more patients they attend to the more services they provide and the more money they make.

Dentists set prices for themselves because the dental association has not set the prices for various dental services. Dentists with good marketing strategy tend to have more clients through coupons or adverts for free checkups or x-rays. This explains why private dental practitioners make more money and the amount will differ from one location to another.

‘For there…never yet philosopher… who could endure the toothache patiently.’ (Shakespeare). Toothaches have been the scourge of the best of men, for one stricken with this, will know agony like no other; a severe toothache can be as debilitating in effect as a paralytic stroke – cause the pain can make one as helpless as an invalid. Yet, those who provide us relief and succour from this malady, the dentists, have rarely received the respect they deserve.

The profession of dentistry originated in Leipzig in the early 16th century, and soon spread to England and America. The introduction of local anesthetics (to numb the inferior dental nerve), revolutionized oral surgery over time – dentistry is now an advanced oral science, that can significantly improve life prospects, and enhance health in the long term, and now these days, a web designer for dentists can help take them to the next level.

The value of oral hygiene cannot be underestimated. Gum disease and tooth decay can affect overall health – heart diseases, diabetes, stroke, cancer, alzheimer’s, are some of the potential complications of bad oral health. The local affect of tooth pain can make chewing and food intake problematic – leading to an upset digestive system and an undernourished body.

The dentists are the chosen keepers of oral hygiene, regular dental visits, (right from childhood), can ensure lifelong disease free teeth. Laser dentistry, stem cell fillings, invisalign (invisible braces), HealOzone, Zoom Whitening, are some of the state of the art techniques in practice today. Make the dentist your friend, and smile away with all your teeth intact!